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Treatments for SAD

There are three main treatments for SAD:

  1. Light Therapy: consisting of sitting in front of a light therapy box for a certain amount of time each day.  This light box mimics outdoor light and appears to change brain chemistry to reduce depressive symptoms
  2. Medication: Antidepressants have been known to help with SAD.  You should always consult a medical Doctor when considering medication.
  3. Psychotherapy (Counseling): Can help you identify and change negative thoughts and behaviors and find a more positive internal outlook.

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What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) also known as Winter Depression?

SAD is a form of depression that occurs in a person during the same season each year.  While little is known about the cause of SAD it is believed to be a lack of sunlight.  

SAD is more prevalent in women and people who live in areas where sunlight is greatly reduced during the Winter months.

It is also thought that a person is more likely to experience SAD if they have a relative who has it.  

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