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Soldiers, prisoners of war, veterans or victims of war or combat

Survivors of rape, domestic violence, physical assault such as a mugging or any other random act of violence

Survivors of unexpected events such as car wrecks, fires or terrorist attacks

Anyone who has responded to traumatic events such as firefighters, police or rescue workers

Anyone who has been victimized

Anyone who has seen a violent act

Survivors of natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes

Anyone who has been sexually or physically abused

Anyone diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or those who have had surgery

Anyone who has experienced grief such as the unexpected loss of a loved one

Lifestyle: Relaxation techniques, Psychoeducation, Stress management

Procedures: Desensitization

Therapies: Counseling, Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, Trauma group therapy, Nightmare therapy, Animal-Assisted therapy, Crisis intervention, Systematic desensitization, Psychotherapy, Behavior therapy, Exposure and response prevention, Family therapy, Biofeedback, Anger management, Cognitive therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy


Mood: loss of interest, emotional distress, hopelessness, anger, inability to feel pleasure, guilt, nervousness, general discontent, or loneliness

Behavioral: self-harm, social isolation, irritability, aggression, agitation, self-destructive behavior

Psychological: hallucination, severe anxiety, panic attack

Sleep: nightmares, insomnia, sleep deprivation

Cognitive: thoughts of suicide

Also common: emotional detachment, headache, or lack of emotional response






PTSD is....

    A mental illness triggered by experiencing or seeing a terrifying event.