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Fighting through the fog

Living with depression is like living in a dense fog.  You cannot see the road in front of you and each movement is so hindered it is like you are trying to move and act underwater.  Activities that are taken for granted on a day to day basis can seem like a fight to get through.  Things as simple as getting out of bed, getting dressed or eating can seem impossible.

Depression is a serious illness with a high mortality rate.  Up to 15% of individuals with Depression die by suicide according to the DSM IV-TR (the manual used by the Mental Health care profession).  When you experience the symptoms of depression it can seem like a hopeless, never ending darkness that is impossible to crawl out of.  You can feel there is little or no hope for the future and be angered or frustrated by people around you who suggest you "snap out of it."  If it was possible to just "snap out of it" you would have done that a long time ago.

There is hope for depression.  At Open Arms you can learn new coping skills that will help you keep going. You can identify areas that are keeping you from moving forward and break through them with the help of a Professional Counselor.  Most importantly you can stop feeling alone because Open Arms Counseling will be working alongside you to help bring healing.  Counseling can be a light to guide you through and out of the fog of your depression and into the bright future you have always dreamed of.