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Panic Attack

The Silent Thief

Have you ever been going about your day as normal with nothing out of the ordinary then suddenly, out of nowhere, you are blindsided by a feeling of intense terror.  Your lungs stop bringing in air, your heart goes into overdrive beating so hard you are sure that it is going to explode.  Maybe you have even ended up in the emergency room thinking that you were having a heart attack to find that what you have experienced is actually a panic attack.  

Panic Attacks steal so much.  They steal your dignity when the Doctor in the ER tells you that there is nothing wrong even though you are positive you are dying.  They can steal your independence when you progressively stop doing things for fear you will have an attack (being in crowds, going to school, going out with friends, Driving or even leaving the house at all.)  Most Importantly they steal your sense of safety and well being.

You deserve to live free of fear and achieve the life you want for yourself.  At Open Arms you will learn new skills to get through Panic attacks when they hit.  You will also learn ways to control your attacks and in turn control of your life.